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The Texas Radio Theatre Company presents the best in modern audio theater performances, recorded in front of an audience, featuring award winning original works and classic adaptations. The Texas Radio Theatre Company has been performing in the Arlington, Fort Worth and Dallas areas since 2001. We welcome you to attend a recording / performance, tune in, or listen online (below).

Our Podcast is back to producing weekly shows thanks to a new local audio theater group.

Back in February we were approached by the I-35 Radio Rep to help them produce a 9 part audio drama series called Scorched Earth.

Written and directed by Bruce R. Coleman, the series takes place in a little Texas town called Makepeace in the early 70's and centers around a strange visitor who suddenly appears on a night when all the lights go out for miles around.

We just completed the final episode today.

Here are links to the entire 9 part series all in one place for your convenience.

 I. A Stranger Among Us

II. Parasite

III. Blood

IV. Confessions

V. Fugitives

(yes - fugitives is spelled wrong in the link ... d'oh)

VI. Dreams

VII. Caught


IX. Homecoming

I hope you enjoy listening, as much as we enjoyed producing it for the I 35 Radio Rep

A small disclaimer- unlike the majority of our Texas Radio Theatre projects, the following audiodrama contains some language which is considered PG-13. If you're concerned about that sort of thing, you might preview a few before letting your youngest listen in.

Now that their first series is complete, we will attempt to keep our weekly podcast going as long as we can with original unedited material we have on our harddrives.

Stay 'tuned' and Watch More Radio.

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